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Our Happy Clients

“They worked hard to get our business. They toured the plant and even tested our products. They made us an outstanding offer for the credit line we needed.”

— Charlie Baker, Range Systems

Range Systems

Range Systems Owner Charlie Baker credits Platinum Bank with giving him the the straight scoop, as he does with his customers. If you need a barometer on firearms training, talk to Mr. Baker. If you need a barometer for banking options, choose Platinum. Charlie once said, “If you’re already getting a great deal somewhere else, they won’t convince you to switch.”

Charlie appreciates our no-nonsense advice and we’re proud to say that he makes referrals to Platinum Bank, including his father-in-law.

It’s our honor to introduce you to Range Systems

Charlie Baker makes and sells firearms training products. His end users are police officers and military personnel who need to qualify on firearms or learn how to clear a building of bad guys. The company’s range products and “shoot houses” protect the lives of U.S. soldiers, police officers and foreign allies.

Charlie joined the family business a decade ago to move it from development to launch. His banker needs to understand the complexity of long lead government transactions and not flinch at the cash flow swings that are often caused by product being delivered into the United States, Canada, Iraq, Mexico, Japan, Jordan and Great Britain.

Headquartered in New Hope, Minnesota, Range Systems is a privately held, veteran-owned small business. They have earned the reputation of providing innovative systems that are unsurpassed in safety, quality, and ballistic performance.