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Steve Marchek

Steve Marchek

Chief Credit Officer


“We work hard to find a loan structure that fits the customers’ and bank’s needs. I like meeting with customers to learn about their businesses, ask questions and make decisions with our leadership team right here at Platinum. We are able to collaborate and provide customers with effective solutions that they may not have considered themselves or requested. That’s the fun part of my job.”

— Steve Marchek

About Me

Steve Marchek brings solid career experience in credit analysis and commercial lending to Platinum Bank. He has analyzed customer financials for most of his career and attributes that experience to his ability to consider more than just the numbers, but also the character and unique circumstances of each request. After working in large banking institutions, Steve wanted to get back to the one-on-one customer culture of a smaller bank. He was working as a commercial loan officer in St. Paul when he heard about the opportunity at Platinum. Steve is responsible for building a healthy credit portfolio at Platinum by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each potential transaction through his knowledge of the customer. He also must weigh the capacity of the bank to arrange credit in collaboration with other reputable institutions when necessary. “We have a good reputation within the industry.”

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