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Krista Kook

Krista Kook

Vice President /
Cash Management


“I like going beyond the surface, anticipating a customer’s every need beyond the transaction. I get to know my customers personally and share creative options and ideas to make their businesses and lives better.”

– Krista Kook

About Me

Krista has been with Platinum since the bank opened in 2007. She is proud of all the good things that have happened at Platinum and what the future holds for the bank and their clients.

Krista partners with the Business Bankers to build relationships with clients and prospects. She helps businesses grow and manage risk more effectively through utilization of cash management products and services.

The Business Bankers rely on Krista to provide hospitable service and she is integral to business decisions on the leadership team; she is a harmonizing force that allows them to move forward quickly. Krista is attentive and supportive of both customer and internal relationships.

Krista began her banking career over 15 years ago in her hometown of La Crosse, WI and worked her way up to management level positions.

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