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Our Happy Clients

“Everybody told me to develop a good relationship with my banker. The people at Platinum don’t look at me as a liability. It’s exactly the relationship I envisioned.”

— Jim Rassier, Elite Lift Truck

Elite Lift Truck

With his marketing-savvy wife, Carolyn, Jim Rassier is growing a business and a family. Time is precious. Platinum’s remote deposit, online banking and proactive collaboration with the couple’s accountant help them sleep at night.

It’s our honor to introduce you to Elite Lift Truck

By industry comparison, Jim Rassier is the little guy. His $2 million forklift and heavy moving equipment sales and service business is the smallest among 12 competitors in the state. But he has big plans. A true entrepreneur, he has expanded the 10-year-old, Ramsey-based company into warehouse layouts, rentals, repo, and outdoor power equipment sales and service. His bottom line is a moving target. When he spots a deal, he needs to move fast. Platinum moves at his speed.

Whether he’s capitalizing on a rare used rollback semi or ramping up sales before his competitors, Mr. Rassier chooses opportunities by scrutinizing his financials daily. Because his line of credit at Platinum is organized by each major category of his business, Mr. Rassier gets an immediate snapshot of cash flow, debt to income and where to invest revenue. Results? His business grew when others didn’t.